11 January, 2011

Awesome Giveaway at Parker's Paradise

Check out Parker's Paradise, where there is a huge giveaway going on. She has 5 different prize packages. Y'all be sure to visit and enter for a chance to win these prim items.
Reminder, for my current giveaway, you will need to have a viewable email address or link to your contact form so I can notify the winner. This is located in your Blogger account under the Profile tab. If it is set with no address or link to your contact form, I won't be able to notify you. For protection from spammers, I recommend that it be a link to a contact form. Free ones can be made from places such as EmailMeForm.com . I don't want to tell anyone what to do, and I certainly don't know everything, but having a "mailto:" link places your address openly available to spammers and hackers. With a contact form, the sender never sees your address (if you don't reply) and you can block suspicious emailers from your email account. Hackers and spammers will sadly always exist, but we can take steps to help protect ourselves.

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