13 August, 2012

Stacking boxes finally finished!

Remember my post about the 6 stacking boxes? Well, I have finally got those all painted. Since my hands are not very steady any more, I was hesitating about decorating them with art. So, I applied prim images. The boxes are crackled for an aged look. I simply love crackling and aging prim items. So, do y'all think these boxes turned out OK?
Boxes' prim images courtesy of: PrimliciousGraphics|LifeInTheCraftLaneWithMandie|FreeDigitalScrapbooking


  1. Danice they are better than ok, they are brilliant! Also, got your card in the mail today. It was so cute, hubs came rushing in waving it saying, "you've got a letter!". Lol, thanks so much for the tag!

  2. WOW! They are now very nice. Congratulations to you my dear friend.

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  3. they look great. I always wanted to try something like that, but just never have. I may have to now!

  4. Danice I think they look great! Good job!
    Be blessed,

  5. Your stacking boxes look terrific. Well done..hugs Khris

  6. Your stacking boxes look terrific. Well done..hugs Khris


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