30 April, 2013

~RAK from Rhodes Creations!~

What a wonderful Random Act of Kindness from Laura at: Rhodes Creations. Laura sent me a surprise package with a lot of great goodies: a black cat with an American flag, and electric candle on a pretty black metal base, a cute muslin and homespun sunflower, a bag of lavender bath salts, a pack of Pink Flamingo candle melts bars, a pack of herbs [that I think are Sweet Annie], a bunch of sunflower seeds, a bundle of pip berry branches tied with homespun, and even a tasty Blueberry Harvest granola bar. Thank you so much Laura; you really did go all-out with generosity. Don't you all agree that this is really a super nice surprise gift package? Laura is so awesome! Be sure to visit and follow all of her blogs.

~Sending-out a Happy First Birthday to my great-nephew Linus today~


  1. Hi Danice,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting my penny rug giveaway on your blog. I hope you win!

    Enjoy your day,

  2. Yes, Danice...it is a GREAT package of goodies!

  3. Love your goodies Danice!Laura is such a sweetheart!Hope that you are having a great day.Hugs,Jen

  4. Danice: So glad you like your goodies! I'm happy to help the sun shine a little brighter in Al. May the Lord bless your week. Blessings my dear friend! Laura R.


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