11 August, 2013

~Hannah the Autumn Rabbit~

Here is a photo of all of Hannah the Autumn Rabbit. You all met her earlier this month. Hannah is my own design/creation. She is a big girl, at 24" tall. Lightly coffee and tea stained with vanilla added. Hannah's face is embroidered. Her frock is made of 100% cotton homespun in a dark green plaid. Hannah's pantaloons are made of 100% cotton tiny floral fabric in rusts and greens. She has "ear bows" matching her outfit. Her "shoes" have button-decorated sides. Hannah has been busy gathering her Autumn veggies: yellow corn (mother thought it was a potato, lol!), pumpkins, and of course carrots. Her little basket is full of veggie seeds and vanilla potpourri. A prim pumpkin hang tag with a rusty bell hangs from her left arm.

The surprise? Hannah is part of my Swap package for the: ~Harvest Gatherings Swap~ over at Bumblebee Lane Cottage. Amy's swaps are always so awesome and fun. If you join the Swap, Hannah the Autumn Rabbit could be coming to live with you!


  1. She's adorable, Danice! Great work!

  2. She looks awesome!! Still enjoying all my goodies I got from you! :)
    take care

  3. wow Danice, you did a wonderful job creating and making her!


  4. Bunnies have always been dear to me. I used to make them, but never thought to "theme" them, great idea! I just love her Danice!


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