07 January, 2015

Jill and Belinda's new clothing!

Here are the Madame Alexander© dolls "Puddin'" and "Pussy-Cat" (Jill and Belinda) in their new clothing. 'Decided to make their new outfits similar in design and fabrics to what their originals were like. Both dolls' look a lot like their originals. Belinda's is nearly exact, but Jill's not as much. Jill's colors of blue and white are correct. 'Only thing is the original fabric was blue with a grid-looking white check. 'Had no luck finding any fabric like that. A newborn infant-sized dress and bloomers pattern was used as a guide, and drafted to specifics. To see their new close-up, follow the link below my signature.
Here are Jill and Belinda in their new close-up, in their new clothing. Their hair has been fixed a bit, and they have been cleaned-up some more. Jill's "lazy" left eye now appears to be all better as well. Thank you to all who gave suggestions for these dolls. 'Still deciding on a pattern for some doll shoes... Prim blessings,

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  1. What pretty little dresses and I just love these faces. They are precious my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane


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