02 April, 2015

"M" is for Macey

Good morning friends. Pictured above is another Thrifty Thursday find: a wooden "M" initial for my granddaughter Macey. At only .50 ¢, well worth the time to re-paint it. Macey's walls are pink, so another color was chosen for this initial. Top see the new color, follow the link below my signature. Do you like initial artwork?
Here is my re-do of the "M" initial. Now it is aqua, with birds and flowers decorations. Looks quite cheerful, doesn't it? These colors seem to coordinate better than the original colors for darling granddaughter Macey's room.


  1. I love it! so cheerful indeed!


  2. Oh how adorable...I love your repaint of it - better than the original for sure.

  3. It turned out wonderful. She'll love it.

  4. Beautiful and very cheerful!


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