05 December, 2011

Its A Boy!!!

We have just found out that my niece and her hubby are having a beautiful baby boy! So exciting! My own daughter and her hubby just had daughter Macey in June, and now our family will have a boy also! Two little ones, how sweet is that! My niece and her hubby are for now saying his name will be Linus, after the software engineer who developed the Linux kernel open source computer software, Linus Torvalds. We are all so happy! "Linus" is Greek for "flax", and he legendarily taught music to Hercules and Orpheus. Our "bouncing baby boy" is due in April 2012.
Image: Primsy Doodle Designs


  1. Congratulations on the two babies,
    Happy Holidays To Everyone,

  2. So exciting two sweet adorables at the same time! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Too sweet...how exciting to be a grandma and a great-aunt to two little boys about the same age. They'll have such fun growing up together.



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