Changing templates

'Time for another html tip. When changing templates, in Edit Html, at the top is a place to save a copy of your current template. I highly recommend this. Save it, note its file name and then go immediately to your Downloads and name it for future reference, as it will have a long line of numbers for a name. Know that changing templates usually will not save your sidebar buttons and Blog List sites. Before you change templates, copy these items' urls/html and paste these in a New Post, and save it as a Draft (so it won't be published as a post) with a future date, like 12/10/20. Be sure to Save it!

Then, after you change templates, you can go back to this Draft and copy and paste these items into your new template. Also remember to copy your custom signature code and post divider code in this Draft for your new template. This way, if they get deleted, you have the codes to re-add them. Blogger will keep a Blog List, but not the specific blogs you had in yours. This takes some time, but is well worth the effort. Then, once you have your new template, go back to Edit Html and Save a copy of it, renaming it a name you can locate easily later. I have a special folder named Blog Templates with all of my blogs' saved templates in it. I hope this helps you all.
Image: Life In The Craft Lane With Mandie