About the Minima template

Hello again. Wow, two posts in two days from me. This is another html tip for the many of us who are using the Minima template. Many Blogger designers' templates use this Minima template. Some of you have troubles with headers and sidebar items, so here is some help for those issues.

First of all, Minima is a hard-coded template. The designer has the sizes appropriate for the template, which means going into the Edit Html and changing them will throw the whole template out of line. The solution is to size your header and sidebar items to fit within Minima's size ranges.

For the Minima 2 column template: the maximum width for the main content area (where your post is) is 420 px. So, any images larger than 420 px wide will not fit properly. The sidebar images must be no more than 220 px wide, or they will not fit properly. The maximum width for the header is 650 px. Any wider, and the header will not be centered.

For the Minima 3 column template: the maximum width for the main content area is 520 px. The maximum width for sidebar images is 220 px. The maximum width for the header is 920 px.

The header, sidebar and post images' heights are not really important, but those widths are. With any hard-coded template, the designer has pre-determined the overall look of the template through its sizes. For images, you can simply resize them with any editing program, including the free Paint that comes with Windows. For html gadgets, you will need to change the width in the html code. It really is not too difficult to do.

If your image has a transparent background, you will need to resize in a program that will retain that transparency. One great and free program is at: PIXLR. There is nothing to download to your computer and no signing up to use this program. I hope this html tip will help you all. Happy blogging and wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.