Manners and accusations...

Yesterday, Mother and I went to our local Wal-Mart. As usual, parking was not easy. Finally, we got a space and it was fairly close to the store entrance. Great! Well, for a while, anyway. We noticed that the car in front of us was parked way over the front line, but thought little about it. When we returned to our car, just as Mother started to back out, I spotted a little note taped to the passenger side of the windshield. She stopped and I got the note. Y'all, it was very vulgar and accusing. I read it and figured out the scenario. Obviously, the author intended it for the driver of the truck that was there before us. Two hand writings were there: on the one side it said, "Why don't you just pull up way over the line?!" The other side said,"@#*$ you I do what I want to do!" and they left their phone number. (Yes, they wrote the "f" word).

First, this is not an acceptable way to handle disputes. Second, the author who replied with the profanity assumed that we wrote the original note. Mother was wrongfully and hatefully accused. People should be very careful blaming others. Of course, both of those people were in the wrong for even writing any notes and taping them to someone's car. They likely never considered that others may receive the wrath of their dispute. This scares me because someone who is so easily angered and so bold to write and place notes is likely a dangerous individual. We took cell phone photos and took the note to the police department. Even with that phone number on there, they said they cannot do anything about it. They told us that no one could never find us to harm us, even if they got our license plate number, because there is no way to trace where the owner of a vehicle lives. So, we were able to go on home and try not to worry that some dangerous person will track us down and try to harm us. Scary. Very scary. What are some people thinking to do such a thing? Image: Antique Clipart


  1. I hate that you all had to go through such an ordeal! Seems there's always one or two who have to ruin it for others every time.

    Let's hope something good will come out of it and maybe they'll think twice before writing something nasty to someone else.


  2. Wow, that would be scarry!
    We now have a law that says people can carry a concealed weapon on their person...guns...! WHY????
    All it would take is one loose screw like the one you mention and bam...I am happy you at least took the note to the police...they could then make you feel better.
    How sad what this world is turning into 'fast'.

  3. a sad thing that this happened. people are becoming so unkind and thoughtless.
    i am sorry this happened to you and your mom.

  4. That is ridiculous! It happens all the time... just let it go. Some people have a hard time with that.

    Hope you have a good week~

  5. So sorry you and your mother were scared needlessly. I for one will remember to think twice before I "assume" that someone is to blame
    for something. Thanks for posting this.


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