Help for Headers

'Back again, with another html tip. If you don't want the outline around your blog's header, here is how to remove that. In Template Designer, go to Advanced, Add CSS. Add the the following code in the box:

.header {
margin: 5px;
border: 2px solid $bordercolor;
text-align: center;
color:$pagetitlecolor; }

Change the border: to 0px;

To remove the outline from around your post images, add this code:

.post img, {
border: 2px solid $bordercolor;

Change the border: to 0px;

Click the Enter key on your computer keyboard. Save.

The Template Designer is so awesome. I also highly recommend changing over to the New Interface. Yes, earlier I said that I didn't like it. Well, I'm admitting now that it really is better. Changing my mind about that was the best thing ever. Editing Html can be very tricky, and adding CSS is easier and safer. Right there in the Template Designer, if you don't like what you see, just delete what you added in the Add CSS box and return to Layout. It's so simple. This way, you haven't altered your template's html, which sometimes can corrupt the template and throw a lot of things off kilter.

Now, if I only knew why my Labels: below my posts under Comments has disappeared, all would be good. It just went away. So, y'all will just have to go to my Categories/Labels in the left sidebar for those. I hope the Header info will help you all. Comment on this post if you need any help. Happy day to all.


  1. Thank you, Danice. I'm always afraid to touch my blog settings unless I have detailed instructions.

  2. Danice, thanks for posting some much needed 'how-tos'. I'm already bored with my header and trying to think about what I want for the summer season. Some folks are really good at making them. thanks again.


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