OK, now what?

Well, as most of you already know, due to my health I am not able to be online very much. It saddens my heart to log on, only to find that something else isn't working correctly. Followers gadget, posting, and now clocklink.com. Many of us have these cute free clocks on our blogs. Well, we used to, that is, since they are no longer appearing. Their website is also offline. So, you will have an empty space where your clock was once located. I guess many of you are like myself, simply unable to try to email and contact owners of these gadgets and find out anything. I would recommend that we just learn to take all online activities "with a grain of salt". It'll drive you nutty if you allow it to, yeah. On a better note, I am going to a family gathering on Saturday, and my new great nephew Linus Albert will be there.
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  1. Hopefully we will all be able to figure out this new blogger thing, so far, I haven't had many issues. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. The net always has issues of some kind. Hope you have a wonderful visit!!


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