Internet down for many people...

Yesterday afternoon, I was blogging away and having a fun ole time. Then, my internet connection went down just out of the blue! Of course, the first thing to check is the modem and computer connections. Then call the service provider. The problem is so widespread that my provider has a recorded message about it. The problem is not providers... it is with new updates to the McAfee Internet Security. Some providers' systems will not accept the new update without some tweaking. Of course we all want our providers to keep up with the latest. There are so many hackers and such online that constant watching is necessary. So, if your internet does go down, and you do use McAfee, take your computer to a reputable service place (maybe where you bought the computer) asap. It is a simple fix. Don't panic, like I did. Later today I will post one of the giveaway items I won recently. It arrived yesterday.
~Happy weekend to you all!~