~Happy birthday to my brother-in-law~

Happy Halloween to you all today. Nowadays, we do not celebrate Halloween as such. When I was younger, and my daughter was a child, we did celebrate. Well, nowadays Halloween has become a bit dangerous with all of the pranks and mischief. Actually, many of those "pranks" are illegal. People get hurt and sometimes killed. Property is damaged, etc...In retrospect, wishing we had never celebrated Halloween. The pagan roots also concerns me, even though I am not religious per say. Tomorrow is All Saints' Day, or All Hallows, which I do wish people celebrated more instead. Depending upon one's faith, this day is celebrated differently. Today is also my brother-in-law Wendell's birthday. He is married to my twin sister, and is the best brother-in-law ever. A good family man who is hard-working and honest. Happy birthday wishes to you today, Wendell!
Image: Twin Creek Primitives


  1. Best wishes to you too! We're not big fans of the holiday; rather, we endure it, LOL. The neighborhood children will be ringing the bell soon.


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