Right-clicking and Left-clicking...

So, you have the No-Right-Click installed on your blog's Layout. But, when your post images or sidebar Picture gadget images are left- clicked, they open in a new window where they can be saved by someone. What can you do?

We have no control over the browser when it opens in a new window, but we can control where our images direct to. In edit html, when we make a new post, there is a long string of letters and numbers in the image's code. It looks something like this: a href= "http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-enene8e8e8e8e8e8/UH-xhxhxhxhxokk/MY WOOL JUMPER.jpg", for example. (That isn't real, I just made that up for the sake of an example). "http:" means hyper text transfer protocol. The internet reads this for images and text. The tag <a href  </a> makes a hyper link that tells the internet browser where to direct [transfer]. The idea is, we do not want our images to direct [transfer] to their http: 's, where they can be saved by other people.

To do this, replace that long string of letters and numbers with the http: of your blog. Then, when left-clicked, the person will just be directed [transferred] to your blog instead of to your image's http. Left-click or try to drag up to the browser the above image of a jumper I made long ago, and you will be directed [transferred] to Homespun Hannah's Blog instead of to that image's http. After all, we cannot stop left-clicking, or no one could navigate our blogs or websites, lol.

For sidebar Picture gadget images, in the space where it says "Link: http:" just fill-in your blog's http, or any other http: where you want the picture image to direct [transfer] when left-clicked. Try left-clicking or dragging up to the browser any of my sidebar images (except my Grab Button)...

Also, in Settings, Posts and Comments, the "Showcase images in Lightbox?" check "No".

While nothing can stop all copying and saving [scraping] of our images and text, the No-Right-Click plus the info above sure will discourage those people. After all, why make it easy for them? This also stops people from dragging your images up to the browser and saving the image to their computer. If they try, they will just be sent to your blog or whatever other http you put for the image.

*Be careful that you change the <a href only and not the <img src. The img src tells what image you are displaying, so it must be as-is*


<a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-F9jwJj294Ws/UHpAAT6bm3I/AAAAAAAAUTY/h090PWjKkt8/s1600/APPLE+RED+220X230.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-F9jwJj294Ws/UHpAAT6bm3I/AAAAAAAAUTY/h090PWjKkt8/s1600/APPLE+RED+220X230.jpg" /></a>

You will replace the red text with your blog's http or the http you want the image to direct [transfer] to. Do this in the HTML mode, not the Compose mode.

Here is the example. In my case, I have replaced the red text with homespunhannahblog.blogspot.com because that is the source of the image which is my blog not the image's http. (If I'd wanted to direct to another blog or site other than to my own blog, that blog's or site's http would be there). Left-click on the red apple below to see where it directs...