*Reminder... Hannah's Ornie Swap*


Reminder... Hannah's First Ornie Swap is open for entries through 10PM CST 03rd December. As of today, there is an uneven number of entrants, so we need some more. This is going to be really fun. Y'all please go here to read all about it: *Hannah's Ornie Swap*. That post also explains how to sign up. 'Tell you all a secret... the annual Holidays Giveaway is coming on 21st November with some extra surprise gifts included ♥


  1. Hi, Danice. I'm going to look tonight and see if I can make something fast enough to commit to the swap. I've been down with another relapse of fibromyalgia (yuk!); seems to happen every year at this time. Climate change??
    Oh, well. Thank goodness for the mister is all I can say.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Hugs ` Susan
    p.s. give that grandbaby a big kiss!