30 December, 2012

~Laura the shelf sitter~

Good morning friends. 'Hoping you are all safe and happy, enjoying the holidays. Pictured above is the shelf sitter I inquired about last month. She is finally finished, and her name is Laura. Although I am not 100% happy with the outcome, she is cute. I rushed the coffee-staining for the muslin, so it is not quite a dark as it really should be. Used rice for the weighted-down bottom. Laura has green button eyes instead of black, thinking that would be kinda holiday-ish. What do you think? Next time, a pattern would be helpful instead of "winging it". We live and learn.

27 December, 2012

Thrifty Thursday finds

Good morning, friends. The two cute little hand towels pictured above are my Thrifty Thursday post. They were at our local K Mart for only .84 ¢ each. Green is my favorite color, and since I also love snowmen, the light blue one had to come home with me as well. Aren't they adorable? 'Bet they're all sold out now...

25 December, 2012

*Holiday feast*

What a lot of foods to choose from! This post is scheduled, since we will all be visiting and eating today, lol. 'Just wanted to show you all an idea for solving the "problem" of all of the "extra" treats left-over after the holidays feast: offer everyone a little baggy to carry home with them. Each baggie contains individually wrapped treats, plus a decorative bow and label, "From: Sarah and Danice" (mother and myself). This way, hopefully no treats will be wasted. We will also offer take-home plates if there is any ham or other staple foods left-over. The basket is sentimental, as it was a wedding gift to mother and daddy back in 1963. Mother said it was full of fresh fruit. We are so thankful to God that we do have plenty, and pray for those who do not. We also donate to our local food drives/charities every year.

*Merry Christmas 2012*

Merry Christmas, friends! Wishing you all safe and happy times this season. It is 4:30 AM, but I am awake early, excited about family arriving today. The photo above is our holly bush that is nearly as old as me, lol! This year, it bloomed the gorgeous red berries. This type of bush does not produce berries every year. Such plants have a name, but it slips my mind. It looks pretty enough to be on a Christmas card, doesn't it? Enjoy your family and friends, and all of the great food. Thank you all of another wonderful blogging year. Prim blessings ♥

23 December, 2012

*Green corduroy jumper*

The jumper pictured above is what I made for my grand daughter Macey's Christmas. The jumper and turtleneck are Simplicity #5317. The jumper is green cotton corduroy, fully lined in green cotton broadcloth. The turtleneck is cotton interlock. The leggings are Simplicity #1724, and are also cotton interlock with French seams. At first, I looked for striped knee socks, only to find out that stores rarely have knee socks any more. Wow, it really has been a while since I have shopped for children's clothing, lol! The headband and flower are my own pattern. Notice the little snowman applique on the lower left of the jumper; that is from a free ornie pattern from: Tolen Treasures. I also made the pink and white polka dot padded hanger for my darling Macey. This took me forever, lol! Arthritis does slow a person down. It was also not easy to find any green corduroy or the black and white striped cotton interlock fabric. Ebay and Hancock Fabrics saved the day, though. Do you all think Macey will like these gifts? Simplicity 5317 is kinda complicated, with the applique, full lining, and back zipper fastener. Simplicity 1724 requires sewing with knit fabrics, so both patterns will be rated:


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21 December, 2012

Oh my! What have I done?

'Remember my: little prim Christmas tree from 2010? Well, apparently it was accidentally thrown away during house cleaning! So, it has been replaced. This is a photo of the replacement tree. I made the little homespun red and green houndstooth tree skirt. It has fake fur trim that was coffee-stained to look aged. The backside is green felt. 'Also made the mouse from an old Burda pattern #4231. The little gifts under the tree, were made by simply wrapping some of those bright foil dollar store ornaments with scrap paper and bows. 'Gotta love those dollar stores. These photos were made before I got the: little silver photo holder ornament that is now on that tree. Do you all think this shelf looks holiday-ish?

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20 December, 2012

Not as much free Monkey

Wow, I went to Pic Monkey last night to frame some images, only to see that most of their services are now paid for. This includes that fancy scalloped edge and the black photo corners that many of us use. Oh well. It will be missed. The service fee is $4.99 per month, which I will not be doing, because I just don't think I will be using the service enough for that. 'Good thing I did pre-make some images for future posts. Some of you may want to sign up. Their services do include some really cool frames and effects. What do you all think about this? Good bye, free Monkey, you will be missed ☺
Image: Primlicious Graphics

18 December, 2012

*Please vote for our tree*

This is our Christmas tree for 2012. The photo was made before I received my beautiful new Swap and Giveaway ornies. Please go vote for our tree at: *A Whimsical Christmas' Christmas Tree Contest*. The vote button is on the top of the left sidebar. You can vote once every 24 hours. While you're there, follow this awesome blog authored by Jonquil. She's a wonderful blogging friend. Thank you all lots!

17 December, 2012

How to un-follow a blog

It has been brought to my knowledge that someone has taken one of my former blog urls and now is posting material that some of my friends find offensive. I contacted Blogger, and they told me that once someone closes a blog, that url is "free game" for others to get. After a blog has been closed for 3 months, the url becomes available for any other Blogger to get for themselves. My former Danice's Blog Templates url was available for a blog, and evidently someone took it. Please know that I have nothing to do with the new blog. It is not me, friends. I do change my Blogger password from time to time to avoid hacking of my account, and do have a paid-for professional security system on my computer and email. So, here is the Blogger page that tells you all how to un-follow my former Danice's Blog Templates as well as any other blogs that you don't want to follow: HOW TO UNFOLLOW A BLOG.

*Ornies from Ravenwood Whimzies*

These are the two ornies I received from Wendy of: Ravenwood Whimzies in my first Ornie swap. A cute grungy gingerbread man and a beautiful swan. Wendy also sent a pretty Merry Christmas card. Thank you, Wendy. I love them! Thank you for participating in my swap also. Both ornies are at home on our tree ♥
I was also one of the winners in: Victorian Motto Sampler's 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway. I won a darling set of 8 cross-stitch Christmas ornie patterns. Thank you, Nancy!

16 December, 2012

~My Christmas shelf~

This is my little Christmas shelf, in my living room. Every year, I try to decorate it in a new way. Of course, the little mice and the prim tree are there. Some of the ornies received in swaps are also there. The little green and red noel paper mache box, I made. The shelf is above my TV. Do you all decorate shelves for the holidays?

15 December, 2012

*A Whimsical Christmas Tree Contest!*

Here is our Christmas tree for 2012. Yeah, we did put it up a bit early. This year, our tree features the many darling ornies that I have won from blogging friends. They make the tree look oh so beautiful. I am all about a prim look. Linking-up with: *Merriment Chain- Day 19*. This Chain is all about holidays decorating. Y'all be sure to go check that out and join in the fun.

Join the Christmas Tree Contest at: *A Whimsical Christmas*. This is my second year, and it is so much fun. The prizes are really nice. A fun contest from a wonderful blogger named Jonquil. We will vote daily for our favorite tree. Y'all hop on over and follow and submit a photo of your Christmas tree. THE DEADLINE IS IN JUST A FEW HOURS! Jonquil is super nice, and needs some more entries as so far I am the only one.

Winners of "Surprise Ornies Giveaways"

There were 3 winners of the "Surprise Ornies Giveaway". The two red ones are acutally outlined in dark green floss, but the photo makes it look red (?) These can also be used as bowl fillers or tucks. The winners were, from left to right:
● Amy of: Bumble Bee Lane Cottage
● Jennifer of: The Country Mouse
● Diane of: Lavender Dreams
Thanks to all of you who commented, and to all of my followers. This blog would not be successful without all of you dear hearts. You all make blogging such fun; you are each and every one very much appreciated ♥ Would you all like to do these Surprise Giveaways again next year?

14 December, 2012

*Ornies from Crafty Stitchers*

These are the two ornies I received from one of my Swap partners in the first Ornie Swap I've hosted. One is a too-cute Annie head, and the other a darling little teddy bear. These are from Cyndy of: Crafty Stitchers. I love them both so much! Cyndy also sent a very nice Merry Christmas card. Thank you very much, Cyndy, for participating and for these beautiful ornies. They are already at home on our tree ♥

13 December, 2012

*Christmas 1984*

'Seems like so long ago. My daughter Amanda was born in June of 1984, so she was just six months old on her first Christmas. In the photo above, towards the center of the tree, is a little round silver metal ornament with a photo of Amanda under our Christmas tree on 25th December, 1984. The ornament came with a silver hanging loop, but I changed it to a piece of red and green plaid homespun. Back then, the film was 110 or 126, so there was no digital quality. 'Any of you remember that old-timey film? Regardless, I still cherish this photo. The little silver frame was a real thrifty find at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, making it cost just $2.00. So, this is also my post for Thrifty Thursday. Do any of you put photos in ornaments?

11 December, 2012

*Winner of Holidays 2012 Giveaway*

Good morning, friends! 'Time to announce the winner of the *Holidays Giveaway 2012*:
*Cyndy of: Crafty Stitchers*
Cyndy, I hope you enjoy the little dress and all of the other goodies that will come with it. Thanks to all of you who entered. You are all appreciated very much. The first contiguous US follower who comments on this post telling us all what Christmas means to them will win a free ornie. This will be the last of the "Surprise Ornies Giveaways." Thanks to all of the followers and those who commented. Upon entering, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to this blog's complete Giveaway Rules on this page: Giveaway Rules.

09 December, 2012

Webcams, privacy and security

If your computer has a webcam, you could be being photographed without even knowing it! Watch for the light to come on. This is an issue that threatens everyone's privacy who goes online and/or works offline. On a laptop, the webcam is usually on the inside lid, top center. On desk models, the location can vary. It is usually marked as a webcam. So, what can we do about this problem?

A simple solution is to place a strip of black electrical tape over the webcam lens. If you carry your laptop around the house, you may not notice that your webcam is on! Dread to imagine if you carry it into the bathroom with you! 'Next thing you may find online are pics of yourself on the toilet or undressing to shower! If your computer is just sitting on the table or desk unattended, that webcam could come on or already be on. This can apply to offline as well as online. Another suggestion is to close the laptop or turn off the desk computer when not attended.

Internet security systems are another area that should be taken seriously. The free ones, well, they usually do not offer a firewall, the real-time scanning and scheduled scans, email protection, and other perks of a paid account. It is only about $60.-$90. USD yearly to go ahead and get a paid-for security system. I use McAfee® Total Protection, which is highly recommended by many people, including the pros. This system protects my laptop extremely well. In four years, my computer has gotten a virus only one time. It really is worth that much and more to guard your computer and thus your privacy. While no system can guarantee 100% safety, why risk it by "settling for" a free system with just the minimal protection? I am all about saving money, but this is an area that should not be skimped on. Please pay attention to your webcam, and purchase a good security system. I receive no compensation for these recommendations/suggestions. Prim blessings to you all.
Image: nacu|Morguefile

06 December, 2012

~Christmas Mice~

Hello, friends. I absolutely adore Christmas mice, so decided to try my hand at making some. These are from the Burda #4231 pattern, now discontinued. The pattern includes three sizes: 6", 10", and 14" mice. These two are the 6" ones. I added a dress under the girl's pinafore, and a shirt under the boy's waistcoat. Before arthritis, my work would have looked better. These turned-out fairly nice, don't you think? Do you all love Christmas mice?

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04 December, 2012

*Swap partners emailed*

Those of you who are in Hannah's First Ornie Swap, I have just emailed each of you your partner's name and mailing address. Check to read if she would prefer to not receive a religious ornie. The email will tell you her preference. Remember to mail the ornies on or before 15th December so that they arrive in time for Winter and the holidays. Remember to post about the ornie you receive, with a photo if possible. Thank you to all who participated. The photo above is of the ornies that my partners will receive: Wendy of: Ravenwood Whimzies and Cyndy of: Crafty Stitchers. Due to an uneven number of entrants, I took two partners. The two ornies are approximately the same size. They don't look like it in the photos because the photos were made separately. 'Should have made one photo of them both together before mailing them, lol. They could also be used as bowl fillers or tucks. Aren't ornie swaps so much fun?

03 December, 2012

Some of my favorite things

Some of my favorite things are holidays items. All of the pretty decorations and especially the hand-made ones. I guess I am kinda a retro gal, since my favorite designs are the old-time ones. Do you all remember those little green and red elves miniatures? And the little reindeer with Santa's sleigh? We have some of those that we still use. This year, I found a new love: ornies. They are really simple to make, which is great for arthritis sufferers. The first contiguous US follower who comments on this post telling us all what Christmas means to them will win a free ornie. Be sure to read all of every post as there will be only one more chance after this one, and the post title will not have "surprise giveaway" in it. Upon entering, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to this blog's complete Giveaway Rules on this page: Giveaway Rules.

01 December, 2012

~A gift in the mail~

My darling granddaughter Macey is pictured above, opening the gift that mother and I mailed to her. We are so glad that my daughter, Amanda, photographed the moment. That pink box was perfect for Macey. What did she get? A new jumper and matching hair bow! My daughter and her family are Alabama Roll Tide® fans, so they really like this gift. It's something that Macey is already 18 months old. Of course, we will see her and her family this Christmas. It is going to be so much fun, especially since it will be the first Christmas that Macey is old enough to remember. Macey's new jumper and matching hair bow are precious. Do you all think that she likes them? Doting granny and great-granny both must add, isn't she just a little darling?