*Swap partners emailed*

Those of you who are in Hannah's First Ornie Swap, I have just emailed each of you your partner's name and mailing address. Check to read if she would prefer to not receive a religious ornie. The email will tell you her preference. Remember to mail the ornies on or before 15th December so that they arrive in time for Winter and the holidays. Remember to post about the ornie you receive, with a photo if possible. Thank you to all who participated. The photo above is of the ornies that my partners will receive: Wendy of: Ravenwood Whimzies and Cyndy of: Crafty Stitchers. Due to an uneven number of entrants, I took two partners. The two ornies are approximately the same size. They don't look like it in the photos because the photos were made separately. 'Should have made one photo of them both together before mailing them, lol. They could also be used as bowl fillers or tucks. Aren't ornie swaps so much fun?