28 January, 2013

♰ Goodbye to a dear friend ♰

Do you all remember your very first friend in grammar school or kindergarten? That friend is always someone special in your heart, right? Well, mine has passed away. I am sad beyond words. She was a wonderful friend, and loved her family and friends so much. Her spirit was uplifting to all who knew her. This passing is such a shock to me. Consider that at the age of only 25, she battled cancer and won. After all of that, now this. Prayers for her and her whole family. Mother and I will be attending the visitation on Tuesday. Once I thought that over 40 was "old". It really isn't, though, is it? Goodbye, dear friend. Heaven has really gained a blessed angel.
image: Daniel Spase @ Pexels.com

21 January, 2013

Thank you all very much

'Just a quick post to thank all of you for the nice comments on my twin sister's and my birthday. Due to bad weather, we didn't get to celebrate on the exact day. We had, however, gone to have our picture made with our mother a week earlier. It had been like 30+ years since we had our picture made all together, so it was long past due. 'Wish I could show you all, but due to the copyright, cannot post the pictures. They look good, and my ugly mug didn't even break the camera, lol! We are planning on getting together as soon as the weather is prettier. Here in Alabama it has been rain and storms and more cold rain. The photo above is of my birthday gift from mother: a nice cherry bookcase. Thank you all for helping make our birthday so happy.

20 January, 2013

A bit of a change

Good afternoon, friends. 'Just to let you all know that a little change has been made to all of my blogs. For about a month, I allowed Links to this post. Well, that choice was not successful. When someone links to a post, it is supposed to be that their own post is in the same theme or genre as the post they are linking to. They should at least be a follower of the blog/site they are linking to. This is known as a reciprocal link. The word reciprocal means to make a grateful return in favor of someone who has done so for you. It should be a mutual, favorable activity. Linking to a post simply to try to gain more traffic (followers) is not reciprocal. By checking the Links to this post, I found one blog in particular that had linked to many of my posts. So, I followed those links [did they really think that I wouldn't?] and that blog never mentions this blog and the author is not one of my followers. So, Links to this post is now disabled on all of my blogs. I apologize to the ones of you who were not abusing this feature. It's a shame that some ruin it for the others. This is also why all Comments for all of my blogs have to be approved by me before being published. Thanks for understanding concerning this matter.

17 January, 2013

♥ Valentine's Day Giveaway ♥

'Time for another giveaway. With Valentine's Day coming soon, this floral hearts pin keep is up for giveaway. It is approx. 7"X7" in size. I had made this a while back just for fun, with a future giveaway in mind. Two surprise gifts will be included. Here is how to enter:

● Be a follower of this blog, either GFC or Linky Followers.
● Comment on this post that you want to be entered.
● Contingent US only, due to shipping costs.
● Must have a public, family-friendly blog that you have posted to in the last 2 months.

* For a second chance, left-click the image above and save the smaller sidebar-sized button for your own blog. Link it to: homespunhannahblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/valentines-day-giveaway.html Mention that you did this in a separate comment*

Ends on 07th February at 10PM CST. Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator. Winner's name will be posted early on 08th February. Best of luck to you all! Upon entering, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to this blog's complete Giveaway Rules on this page: Giveaway Rules.

14 January, 2013

♥ Guess who's 49 today... ♥

Yes, that's right: my twin sister Janice and I are 49 today! It is really fun and special being a twin. 'Not sure about the "telepathy" that some believe occurs between twins, but we sometimes do think alike. When we were younger, we looked more alike, except hair and eye colors: she is still a blue-eyed blonde and I am still a brown-eyed brunette. Actually, my hair is the very next shade to black with grey mixed-in, lol! Happy birthday to us!

06 January, 2013

Learning the smartphone...

It's a new adventure for me now, learning the smartphone. It was time to get a new phone, as mine was really old. Changing carriers got me a better and lower rate, plus texting and internet, which I did not have before on my cell phone. No new number, as my number was transferred in about 10 minutes. This is the Huawei 8800 model. Since this smartphone will be on the internet occasionally, I immediately installed McAfee Mobile Security. McAfee does an excellent job of protecting my laptop, so it should do the same for my smartphone. Quite a learning curve, lol! Learning all the lingo and such, like a new word "android". The definition is a robot that looks like a human. The wallpaper was free and is my favorite color: green. How cool is this! Do you all like, have or want a smartphone?

01 January, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy 2013 friends! Wow, it's now 2013. Reflecting back, our family has so much to be thankful for amid the troubles we have had. The photo above is of Wood Avenue Church of Christ. This building is located in a historical district. The original building was at another nearby location until 1970, when this one was built. This building is a perfect example of Gothic architecture with its mock flying buttresses (the side brick arched wedges that in medieval times helped to support the extreme height of buildings of the era). In medieval times, it was common belief that the closer one could get to the sky the closer one would be to God. Hence the extremely tall architecture. The often pointed roofs and window and door lintels, of course, pointed upwards to the sky where heaven and God are. Back in 1983, my wedding was here. The photo does not do justice to the beautiful stained glass windows. Being a history buff, I thought you all may enjoy seeing this historical and gorgeous building. Have a safe and happy first day of 2013 ♥