A bit of a change

Good afternoon, friends. 'Just to let you all know that a little change has been made to all of my blogs. For about a month, I allowed Links to this post. Well, that choice was not successful. When someone links to a post, it is supposed to be that their own post is in the same theme or genre as the post they are linking to. They should at least be a follower of the blog/site they are linking to. This is known as a reciprocal link. The word reciprocal means to make a grateful return in favor of someone who has done so for you. It should be a mutual, favorable activity. Linking to a post simply to try to gain more traffic (followers) is not reciprocal. By checking the Links to this post, I found one blog in particular that had linked to many of my posts. So, I followed those links [did they really think that I wouldn't?] and that blog never mentions this blog and the author is not one of my followers. So, Links to this post is now disabled on all of my blogs. I apologize to the ones of you who were not abusing this feature. It's a shame that some ruin it for the others. This is also why all Comments for all of my blogs have to be approved by me before being published. Thanks for understanding concerning this matter. Image: Twin Creek Primitives