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Noticing that some of you are reporting having trouble Commenting on some blogs. While I am no pro-techie, the following might be some of the reason for the troubles:

If you are still using the old Minima template, that template has no column width adjustment available. It is very narrow, especially the content area where your Comments and Posts are located. Minima is "hard-coded" to a fixed size width; even if you attempt to change that in Edit Html, then your background image won't fit. Html stands for hyper text markup language. The internet reads this to determine how a web blog or site displays on the web. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. Think of this as the image actually displayed. Well, sometimes html overrides css and vice versa. 'Can result in a jumbled-up corrupted blog or site. In the New Interface, it is much easier to just upload your background image than to attempt editing html of a fixed size template. Minima is also fixed as a 2 column template; in order to change to a 3 column you have to edit html, which again, can get so jumbled and corrupt that the web just doesn't know how to read the coding.

Well, then how do I have the drop shadow around my blogs' content areas and those little buttons overlapping on the left side of my Homespun Hannah's templates? They are images. It is done with the white Simple template. Through many attempts at positioning the background images (tested on my sample blog), I finally found where those images would appear at the proper place on my blog. Then the completed background image was uploaded via the New Interface in Background, and alignment: top center was selected. Then background was selected to not scroll with the web page by not checking the scroll box. In Layout, you can also just click and choose a 2 or 3 column without having to edit any html. Just choose the layout that you want.

Commenting used to cause me trouble often with the Minima. My suggestion is to go ahead and make the leap to a New Interface template. The white Simple allows a lot of design freedom. Recently, I changed all of my blogs over to this template. Simple allows adjustment of column and content area width size. I have heard that the Picture Window template is versatile as well. If you are using a non-standard font and/or font size this can also cause trouble with the old Minima. 'Just suggestions. Hopefully they will help some of you. Happy upcoming weekend to you all. It is stormy here in the South. No electricity for an hour, but it is back on now.
Image: mzacha|Morguefile


  1. Danice, I don't have trouble with leaving comments but I would like to figure out how to make my blog writing space bigger. I would like for my photos to be bigger but when I try and make them bigger they cover up my side bar photos and info. Would using the New Interface help with that? Right now I am using the basic Minima template I believe.

  2. Danice thanks for the advice but girl it might as well have been in French.LOL! It went right over my lil head.Well, at least I know where to go for help.Glad that the electricity came back on.Stay safe.Hugs,Jen


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