31 March, 2013

~Happy Easter~

Happy Easter to you all. As a child, my daughter used to love to paint & hunt Easter eggs and get all dressed-up. How cute that was, and what fond memories of her childhood. 'Cannot believe that March has nearly past. The warmer weather and beautiful skies are really cheerful and beautiful. Have the warmer temps reached your town yet? Prim Blessings ♥
Image: © Scrappin' Doodles

30 March, 2013

~Win from Aunt Dee Dee's Designs~

Look at the wonderful gifts I recently won from: Aunt Dee Dee's Designs. She really went all-out, sending not only the prim ornies pattern but also: a hoop, muslin and wool felt, all floss & thread needed for the pattern, a fabric transfer pen, three bottle cap charms, two magnets, and even two candy bunnies (which are already eaten, lol!) in chocolate and vanilla. This is so nice. Many thanks to Aunt Dee Dee for hosting this giveaway and being so generous. Be sure to visit and follow her wonderful blog ♥

28 March, 2013

⚘ Spring Tidings Swap w/ Christina ⚘

Hello prim friends! 'Got the sweetest smelling package in the mail today. Inside are the items from my partner in: Bumble Bee Lane Cottage's Spring Tidings Swap. Christina of: Pendleton Primitives sure sent me many beautiful items: a metal bird cage with a key, little birdie and stars; a stuffed bumble bee, a pretty floral pen and tissues, a muslin rabbit with a lovely Easter stitchery and egg, a green checked and muslin bird, a green checked pin keep with a green pickle on top, a raffia carrot, a notepad with a dragonfly print, floral nail files, some garden seeds and gloves. She also included a pretty floral card with a nice message. Green is my favorite color. Christina is so talented and generous. Thank you, Christina, I love them all! To see the items I sent to Christina, visit her blog and follow the link below my signature. Prim blessings ♥

~Thrifty Thursday: Patriotic tin~

A few weeks ago, we went thrift shopping at the local Salvation Army. Not looking for anything in particular, I happened upon this lovely old patriotic tin. What a really thrifty deal at only .50¢! Although a bit rusty, it will be useful for storing small items. 'Kinda like the rusty-look. Do you all like shopping at thrift stores? I went scrappin' (a Southern term for searching for discarded scrap metal/tin) in our own basement the other day, and found some nice really old items. 'Will share those in an upcoming post. Stay tuned, friends!

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24 March, 2013

~How to make a blog post link~

Good morning friends. The info above explains how to make a text link and an image link in your blog post. Either can go to a page or post on your blog, or to any other url on the worldwide web. A blogger recently asked how to do this, so maybe these instructions will help you all. Be sure to include the https and the :// on a text or image link, and the </u> and the </a> at the end of the text link code. All has to be included or the link will not function properly. Don't have any spaces between the letters or symbols. If you need help, comment on this post.

20 March, 2013

⚘ Nodding into Spring Giveaway ⚘


Today is the first day of Spring, and it is such a nice time of the year. In lieu of this, here is little chick Clara nodder and her 6" wool felt penny rug for giveaway. 'Not a large prize, but just a little somethin' for one winner. Here are the rules:

1. Must be a follower of this blog via GFC or Linky Followers, and have an active family-friendly blog of your own that you have posted to in the last 2 months.
2. Due to shipping costs, must live within the contingent US.
3. Must comment on this post that you want to be entered in the giveaway.
4. This contest will end on 03rd April 2013 at 10 PM CST: in 2 weeks.

* For a 2nd chance, post to your sidebar* Left-click the image above to get a smaller sidebar-sized image, and then link it to: homespunhannahblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/nodding-into-spring-giveaway.html Mention in your comment if you have done this. Who will be the new adopter of little chick Clara and her penny rug? The winner's name will be posted on 04th April before noon CST. Upon entering, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to this blog's complete Giveaway Rules on this page: Giveaway Rules.

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19 March, 2013

~Writing and the nom de plume~

While blog-hopping this evening, I came across a quite sad post from a wonderful blogger. Someone has accused her of misleading and lying to other bloggers. This is all because she uses a nom de plume, French for a writer's name or pseudonym. She also does not post the actual names of her family members or details as to where they live. Well, this seems to be just intelligent blogging in today's world. I myself do not post identifying details such as our last names and where we live. The same complainer also told her that because the house pictured in her blog's header is not her house that it is also misleading. [She never claimed that it is her house]. Well, the old Singer in my blog's header is not mine.... That hardly seems like lying or misleading.

Using a nom de plume is legal and is done by many writers, often for security reasons and for privacy. 'Totally legal and acceptable. It seems harsh that someone would make such accusations against this blogger. Some examples of actual lying would include claiming to be another person, using a false name to avoid law enforcement, or claiming ownership of text and/or images that belong to someone else. Those actions are illegal. It seems to me that protecting one's privacy and the privacy of their family members is totally necessary on the web nowadays. Intelligent and safe blogging is admirable, not "lying" or "misleading". What are your thoughts on the subject?
image: xandert | Morguefile

17 March, 2013

♣ Happy St. Patrick's Day ♣

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends! Our family, on mother's side, is of Irish descent. We love this holiday. Plus, green is my favorite color. Wishing you all a safe and happy day. *Look for a giveaway coming soon right here on Homespun Hannah's Blog*
image: Anthony @ Pexels.com

12 March, 2013

What's going on here...

Hello blogging friends! 'Hope you are all doing well. What's been going on here? Working on Spring Tidings Swap items and still recovering from my teeth injury. That was 5 weeks ago yesterday, and so far all 4 teeth are still alive. No more bruises, and guess what: I finally got to eat that cheeseburger! Once on a sit-com, this man ate a candy bar with a knife & fork (lol!), and that's how I ate the cheeseburger. 'Didn't hurt the taste, though. Yummy! Thanks again for all of the prayers. You all mean the world to my family and me.

Mother's youngest sister and one of her friends came to visit on Saturday. We were to go thrift shopping, but kinda never made it that far. In the parking lot at the very first store, my aunt fell and broke her hip! Poor lady, out of town and now in the hospital. The surgery was on Sunday morning, and she is doing well. Mother and I have been visiting her every day. My aunt has twin sons, and they and also came to the hospital. Hopefully my aunt gets to transfer back to her home town to the physical rehabilitation center tomorrow. She is getting kinda homesick. My sister and I are twins, and we have twin cousins. Twins are all in the family. Only one of mother's sisters does not have a set of twins. Please send a prayer for my aunt. Thank you all, and have a happy Tuesday. It is still really cold and rainy here in Alabama; not typical weather for March.

10 March, 2013

~Win from Pendleton Primitives~

Good morning, friends. Look at the beautiful pot holder that I won from Christina at Pendleton Primitives' Valentines Giveaway. Isn't it totally adorable! Plus, the backing is green, my favorite color. She included a cute little decorative cameo token tied around the item. Thank you so much, Christina, for hosting this awesome giveaway. Y'all be sure to visit & follow Pendleton Primitives. This pot holder is really prim and pretty!

05 March, 2013

~Pin Keep Swap with Jen~

It sure was a lot of fun again this year with Ravenwood Whimzies' 2nd Pin Keep Swap. My partner was Jenny of: The Country Mouse. The above photo is the pretty pin keep that she made for me. It is her own original design. Jen also sent the lovely strawberries pillow and a bag of strawberry candies. Thank you so much, Jenny- I love them all! Thanks to Wendy also for hosting this fun swap. Pin keeps are one of my favorite items.

This is the pin keep that I made for Jenny. It is from a pattern by Brenda Gervais of: Country Stitches Online. It was bought from Valerie of: The Wooden Acorn. Gotta love the rabbits and mice! They are two of my favorite prim items. Pin keep is made with wool felt, with a homespun tie around mouse's neck. His tail is a rusty wire. Emery has a thimble for a hat. I added the little wooden spool of thread, and a bag of vanilla potpourri. This pattern is just too cute, isn't it?