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Hello blogging friends! 'Hope you are all doing well. What's been going on here? Working on Spring Tidings Swap items and still recovering from my teeth injury. That was 5 weeks ago yesterday, and so far all 4 teeth are still alive. No more bruises, and guess what: I finally got to eat that cheeseburger! Once on a sit-com, this man ate a candy bar with a knife & fork (lol!), and that's how I ate the cheeseburger. 'Didn't hurt the taste, though. Yummy! Thanks again for all of the prayers. You all mean the world to my family and me.

Mother's youngest sister and one of her friends came to visit on Saturday. We were to go thrift shopping, but kinda never made it that far. In the parking lot at the very first store, my aunt fell and broke her hip! Poor lady, out of town and now in the hospital. The surgery was on Sunday morning, and she is doing well. Mother and I have been visiting her every day. My aunt has twin sons, and they and also came to the hospital. Hopefully my aunt gets to transfer back to her home town to the physical rehabilitation center tomorrow. She is getting kinda homesick. My sister and I are twins, and we have twin cousins. Twins are all in the family. Only one of mother's sisters does not have a set of twins. Please send a prayer for my aunt. Thank you all, and have a happy Tuesday. It is still really cold and rainy here in Alabama; not typical weather for March.
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  1. Glad you are feeling better. So sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope she will recover and will get to go back to her hometown for therapy. Bummer of a trip for her. It's been rainy here in GA. too,. You know ALA, sends us all your bad weather. {LOL}. Maybe the weekend will be pretty for us all. Suppose to warm up a bit anyway. Looking for Spring. Have a good week

  2. Oh my...I sure hope the rest of your year isn't like the last three months! Glad you are feeling better but I will definitely pray for your aunt.

  3. Nice to hear you are doing better and no more bruising! Very sorry to hear about your aunt, my neighbors sister just fell is really having a hard time with it. We will say some prayers ~ Lori

  4. I'm so sorry about your Aunt...what a shame! I'll keep her in my prayers. And I'm glad to hear that you are healing and got that cheeseburger. Guess what we ate on our anniversary...cheeseburgers! haha! They are my favorite, too! Hugs!

  5. Glad you're doing better, Danice. Sorry for all the accidents. Keep looking up! Laura


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