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~Dentist visit~

Do you all remember that back on Feb. 6th, I fell and knocked out/displaced my 4 front teeth? Well, I avoid complaining in blog posts, but the teeth are not doing very well. They still hurt, and am still taking antibiotics for them. The 2 front "eye" teeth are the ones giving all of the trouble, as they are dying. This makes the pain radiate to the other 2 teeth that were injured. Tomorrow, they get root canals. If this does not stop the pain, they will have to be extracted and a permanent bridge will be put in. Thank you all for the prayers and concerns. I may be offline for a couple of days. It will be so great to once again be able to bite food and eat with those 4 front teeth. On a happy note, this warmer Springtime weather sure is nice, isn't it?
Image: Twin Creek primitives

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  1. Sending prayers that you will soon be gnawing on a cob of corn! Lol

  2. I am sorry that our teeth aren't doing well, I've had teeth die too and it is super painfull. I hope they can help you out, and get you pain free again..

  3. Dancie I'm so sorry you are going through this...I guess because nerves were involved it will take a long time.
    I will say prayers for you kiddo.

  4. Sending prayers that your dental work goes well and your pain goes away very soon!

  5. I'm glad you are through the surgery and I'm praying you will heal and be without pain now! Sweet hugs my friend! I just got my postcard in the's WONDERFUL! WOW! It really is neat! Thank you!


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