~Postcards are obsolete? GIVEAWAY~

Remember years ago on vacation, we would send a postcard to friends and family back home? Sometimes we arrived back home before they received the postcard, lol! Wow, I did not realize that postcards are now somewhat obsolete. This modern-age of digital cameras has kinda made postcards difficult to find nowadays. There are some vintage ones online, and boy they are expensive! So, I have made-up an Alabama state postcard from a public domain image. It has a retro-look to it, even though it is brand new. Exactly what it looks like is a surprise...


If you are a history buff, and would like to receive one of the postcards, be a Follower either via GFC, Linky, or Bloglovin'. Comment on this post and name the very first dam to be under the authority of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), completed in 1924, and it is located between Muscle Shoals and Florence, Alabama. Hint: it is named after a former US President, and the answer is on one of my other blogs in a recent post! So, the first 3 Followers who live in the contiguous US who Comment and have the correct answer will each receive one of these reproduction postcards. These postcards are really cool and in color. They are 4.25"X6" in size. For your own safety, please do not post your email or physical address in your comment. This blog's complete Policy and Rules are on this page: Giveaway Rules. Upon entering, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree with this blog's Giveaway rules. Let the fun and studying begin, friends! 'Looking forward to seeing who all wins. NEW RULE: NO ANSWER TO THE TRIVIA QUESTION IS REQUIRED. THE ANSWER IS WILSON DAM.
Image: xandert@morguefile.com


  1. I'm not here to make a guess....I just wanted to say Hi! I'm glad we are penpals and I love postcards. I had trouble posting on my blog today, too. Must be a blogger thing! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Since the answer to the trivia question is no longer required. Diane has won the first postcard. Two more are still available :)

  3. I love old post cards. Last year hubby found one of his hometown in Idaho, which meant alot to him, since he is so far away. Last month, I was surprised to find one of the church I attended as a child, before it was torn down and we merged with another church. It was so special to find that, as I had fond memories of going to Sunday school there.
    What a sweet giveaway Danice. Sorry I don't know the answer!
    Have a great day!

  4. OK, Wendy has won the 2nd postcard. 'Still 1 left :)

  5. What a neat giveaway.I really should no the answer but I am sorry to say that I don't.Hugs,Jen

  6. OK, Jen has won the 3rd and last postcard. Thank you to all who commented :)