~Successful results from dentist~

Wow! What wonderful results! The photos above are a chronicle of my teeth damage accident back in February of this year. On the 23rd of this month, the (hopefully final) surgery was performed. 'Results are amazing, aren't they? The left photo was made just yesterday. No one could ever tell that the 4 front teeth had been knocked out and/or displaced, could they? Finally no more pain, and goodness that hideous bruising on the morning of the accident. 'Will not ever publish the photo made a few minutes after the injury. Trust me, you would not want to see that. The right photo was made after the first dental surgery, one day after the accident. Now biting with the front teeth is actually possible. Kudos to dental surgeon Dr. Ryerson and his staff at: Dentistry of the Shoals. A very heartfelt thank you to all who prayed for me during this ordeal, and to those who left sincere comments. Some of you even mailed get well cards. Your generous outpourings of friendship mean the world to me. I'll just go ahead and say what's in my heart: I love you all so very much. Prim blessings ♥


  1. You really look beautiful my friend. I know you are happy to have this done...what an ordeal you've been through. Take care of yourself though and try to rest the next few days. Sweet hugs!

  2. Beautiful!! So glad you got this done and hopefully behind you! Take care and enjoy your new fabulous smile!

  3. Wow! Glad the surgeons did a good job! Blessings, Laura


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