29 November, 2013

*Black Friday and Woodlands Holiday Giveaway*

Are you all surviving Black Friday? Mother and I went shopping, and got really lucky at our new local Wal-Mart Market: Coke© and Pepsi© 2 liter soft drinks for only .75¢ each! We loaded-up, needless to say. Gotta have those carbonated beverages, lol!

The weather here in Alabama is getting much colder, but no snow. OK, you know I cannot help but tell this: above is the finished wool felt penny rug, coasters and their metal tin holder for the Woodlands Holiday Giveaway. There is still time to visit the following post on this blog to enter the giveaway: *Woodlands Holiday Giveaway* Prim blessings.


28 November, 2013

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hoping this day is full of great family and friends times, as well as some tasty food. Pictured above is a reversible table runner that I made for mother some years ago. The side it is on now is the autumn side, with pumpkins, sunflowers, and fruits. Mother chose the fabric. She chose a pretty one, didn't she? The other side is a Christmas design. Mother chose that fabric as well. The cute little wooden turkey was won from Lois at: The Huckleberry Lady a few years ago. To see the Christmas side of the runner, follow the link below my signature.

26 November, 2013

*Woodlands Holiday Giveaway*

Hello friends. It's once again time for my annual holidays giveaway. This year's package will include: a wool felt penny rug, 6 wool felt coasters in a metal tin, a metal prim speckled can, a 5"X7" framed moose artwork, a prim chalk board with chalk, a Woodland scent candle, 3 prim clothespins tied in homespun bundle, a wool felt mitten holding cinnamon sticks, an embroidered muslin ornie hang tag, a crossed stitched "Wynter" pillow tuck, a little Reindeer Feed prim tuck, a little stump doll, and a bag of holiday potpourri. To be entered, you must:

♦ Be a follower of this blog, via GFC, Linky Followers, or Bloglovin
♦ Have a family-friendly blog that you have posted to in the past 2 months
♦ Reside within the contiguous US, due to shipping costs
♦ Comment on this post that you want to be entered, and tell us a favorite holidays memory
♦ By entering this Giveaway, you affirm that you have read, understand, and agree with this blog's: Privacy Policy/ Giveaway Rules

You may left-click the post image for a smaller blog-sidebar-sized image to link to this post if you want. Please do not post this giveaway to any of the social network sites. The giveaway will end at 10PM CST on 9th December. The winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator©, and announced on the morning of 10th December. Exactly what the wool felt penny rug and the coasters and tin look like will be surprises. They are being made of the wool felts and the tin in the upper left image, and will be in our woodlands theme. It's all about a woodlands holiday this year, prim friends!

21 November, 2013

~Old Golden Harvest Mason jars®~

Look what I found in the very back of our under the sink kitchen cabinets: some old Golden Harvest Mason jars® with their rings! 'Not sure how old they actually are, but they have no seams and do have indentions in circles around their bottoms. This could mean that the glass was hand-blown, which would date them to mid-1800's. Likely, though, they are from the 1960's since that's when we moved into this house and there is no rust present. They had been washed since their last use. Whether old or not, they are nice prim style decor aren't they? What do you think they should be filled with? Candle wax? Corn? Potpourri?

18 November, 2013

~One for myself~

'Finally got the chance to make one for myself: an Ole Miss® hair bow. This is my alma mater (class of 2008), so this hair bow means a lot to me. This fabric was found on a remnants table long before the university's mascot was changed to the black bear. Ole Miss' official colors are Harvard crimson and Yale blue. These choices were made in honor of those fine universities. 'Will definitely be wearing this while watching Ole Miss football games. The annual Egg Bowl is now scheduled for Thanksgiving Day on 28th November in Starkville, MS (home of Mississippi State University). Kick-off will be at 6:30 p.m. CST. Do you all like wearing official gear and cheering for your favorite NCAA teams?

16 November, 2013

~Homespun Ornie Swap goodies~

Look what came in the mail, yesterday: ornies from: *Bumble Bee Lane Cottage's Homespun Ornie Swap*. They are all so pretty and prim. From left to right:
*Allison of: Sew Many Girls sent the quilt block ornie.
*Sandi of: The Primitive Skate sent the wool snowman ornie.
*Holly of: Holly & Darbee sent the burlap ornie with a prim candle.
*Kendra of: The Stone House Prims sent the egg with a snowman painted on it.
All of the ornies are wonderful, and already have places on our tree. We always decorate for the holidays very early, lol. Many thanks to all of you ladies, including our hostess Amy. Swaps are so much fun, and are also a great way to meet and make new prim blogging friends. To see the ornies that I made for this Swap, follow the link below my signature.

14 November, 2013

~Thrifty Thursday: Pearle cotton thread~

It's Thrifty Thursday again. Recently, this DMC pearle cotton thread was in a clearance bin for just .75¢ per skein. How fabulous is that? That's nearly half off of the regular price. There were only a few colors to choose from, mostly neutral shades. 'Was able to find these colors mixed-in the batch. 'Went back to get more, but they were all gone. These will eventually be used, lol!

09 November, 2013

"Like"... too much?

Hello friends. Yesterday was such a wonderful day. My daughter and her family came to visit. We all had so much fun. Mother and I were treated to a great meal at Cracker Barrel, and it was delicious. Granddaughter Macey is really growing up. Such a sweetheart she is. It really is true that grandchildren are a gift from God.

Do you all know that you can be blocked on Face Book for Liking too much? Obviously, I am in violation of their rules even though it was unintentional. So, I cannot Like any of my family's posts, any of your posts, any clubs, giveaways, or anything else on Face Book for 30 more days. 'Kinda hurt my feelings, as I wanted to Like the photos that were made yesterday by my daughter and her husband and some of the FAAP Face Book Team items. Oh well... 'just have to wait until they unblock me. Have any of you ever heard of this rule?

*In lieu of the above situation, this blog's Privacy Policy has been updated: Giveaways, Contests and Swaps*

~3rd Blogoversary winner!~

Good morning everyone! Thank you to all who entered my 3rd Blogoversary Giveaway. Random Number Generator selected #3, which is: Denise at: KKL Primitives. To be fair, everyone who entered, via the Entry form or Commenting on the blog post, was numbered in order of when each sent the Entry form or Commented on the blog post. This way, everyone had an equal chance of winning. You all be sure to go visit and follow Denise's blog. She also has an Etsy store at: KKL Primitives on Etsy. Pictured above are all of the gifts, including the "other goodies" as promised. Denise, your gifts will be mailed on Tuesday morning (Monday is Veteran's Day). Thank you to all who entered. Blogging is so much fun!

06 November, 2013

Auburn Hair Bow

Good morning friends. Above is another hair bow. This one was made for the granddaughter of 2 friends from high school. The granddaughter's parents are Auburn Tigers® fans, hence the fabric chosen. This is the same baby that I had made the pink gingham dress and head band for a few months ago. Mother's hair stylist is also an Auburn® fan, so made one of these for her too. Hancock's Fabrics had the collegiate fabric at 40% off, so it was the perfect time to purchase. Both will be showing their spirit wearing these bows, won't they?

Remember that there are only 2 more days left to enter my 3rd Blogoversary Giveaway. Go to this post to enter: ~3rd Blogoversary Giveaway~.