22 August, 2015

Quilted laptop cover

Well, it really has been a week since my last post. 'Been feeling a bit under the weather, which by the way, is rainy here in Alabama. The tree cutters came and removed what remained of that large Bradford Pear tree that was damaged last month in a thunderstorm. No more worries that it will fall again, what a relief. Pictured above is a quilted laptop cover that I made for my computer. It measures 21"X18", and is made of fabric remnants found at a local thrift store (so it also qualifies as Thrifty Thursday, lol!) The main fabric is a vibrant African wild animals print. The binding is green, my fave color. The backing is a solid brown cotton fabric, also from my stash. Top and bottom borders are made of a beige basket weave print cotton. Quilting is cross-hatching style. Not a large project, but very useful and colorful. It will help keep dust from my laptop. Sometimes it's just fun to do a project that can be completed in one day, isn't it? Do you ever make fast projects like this?

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13 August, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: floral door wreath

Hello, are you all having a wonderful day? Yes, it's Thrifty Thursday again. This time is a pretty floral door wreath that was found at a local thrift store for only $2.50. 'Couldn't decide if it is summer or autumn decoration, but it has been hanging on my back door for a few months. Don't you just love door decorations? Usually the ones at a thrift store are either damaged or really small, so this one was a great find. It is really simple yet cheerful. Which would you call it- summer or autumn? Prim blessings.

08 August, 2015

Owls For All pillow

Well good morning to all. Lately I have not been feeling too well, so not much sewing has been completed. Thank goodness, things are better now. 'Time to get busy, lol! One project that had been on the back burner is this darling little owl pillow. He is made of cotton and corduroy remnant fabrics, and felt eyes, nose and legs. Doesn't he look friendly? He is entered in a Challenge at The Scientific Seamstress, who also designed the pattern. You can go read about the Challenge here: The Scientific Seamstress' August Challenge. The item must be made of 2 yards or less of fabric. Perfect for all of those "orphan" fabric remnants. Do you think my granddaughter would like an owl pillow sewn with pink fabrics? Prim blessings.

04 August, 2015

Internet history

Hello friends. 'Was just thinking about another blogging tip. Do you realize that everywhere you visit on the internet is recorded on your computer/device's memory? This history can grow really large and thus slow your computer and other devices down considerably. From time to time, you should delete all of your browsing history. On Windows, look under Tools or History. Click Delete History. When the box pops up, be sure to not check the boxes for Active Logins and Saved Passwords or your saved logins and passwords will be deleted. Make sure that the boxes for Cookies and Cache are checked. Then click Delete. Another box will appear, asking you if you are sure (the action, once done, cannot be undone). Click, and in a few seconds the history will be deleted. The length of time this will take will vary, depending upon your internet connection and speed. If you use more than one browser (like IE, Firefox, etc...) do this with every browser you use.

One other thing is this: if you use a smartphone or other device that accesses the internet, you need a security system on that just like you have one on your computer. Simply put, any device that accesses the internet is subject to hacking, spam, etc... 'Something to think about.
image: Petr Kratochvil | Public Domain Pictures.net. Prim blessings.