20 December, 2012

Not as much free Monkey

Wow, I went to Pic Monkey last night to frame some images, only to see that most of their services are now paid for. This includes that fancy scalloped edge and the black photo corners that many of us use. Oh well. It will be missed. The service fee is $4.99 per month, which I will not be doing, because I just don't think I will be using the service enough for that. 'Good thing I did pre-make some images for future posts. Some of you may want to sign up. Their services do include some really cool frames and effects. What do you all think about this? Good bye, free Monkey, you will be missed ☺
Image: Primlicious Graphics


  1. Well that is a bummer. I've only used it to resize, didn't even know about the borders.

  2. I was just working on photos on Picmonkey but didn't notice the changes. I've always just used the basic not premium features. I sure love working on photos!

  3. I've just recently started using PicMonkey since you told me about it. Bummer. :(


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