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Covered in Love quilt blocks: Patchwork Surprise

'Cannot believe that I forgot to post these quilt blocks. I made these way back in November 2017 for the Covered in Love quilt block drive. The colors were muted blues, reds and browns/white/cream. Lovely winter palette. Kat hosts this drive bi-monthly, and the blocks are sewn into quilts for cancer patients and their families. This is a wonderful way to help those in need. Please visit Kat's blog to read more about the bi-monthly program. Prim quilting blessings.

As many of you already know, due to a false positive in Blogger's filters, I cannot comment on most Blogger blogs via my Blogger account. So, yes, it is me, from my Wordpress account, if you see daniceseclecticblog. Prim blessings.

~Learn more about: Kat's Covered in Love's Block Drives~

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