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#2019 Planning Party

Hello friends. It's that time again- our 2019 Planning Party goals. Have you set any yet? Mine are somewhat the same as last year's:

1. Stay caught-up on quilting quilt tops. In 2018, that goal was actually met, completing all 19! Yay! (Well, there are already like 5 quilt tops waiting for 2019!)

2. Find the courage to socialize with other quilters/stitchers here locally. Our area does have a few quilters groups, and I want to get over the shyness about meeting some of them. For blogging online quilter friends (and friends who don't quilt), comment and socialize more with you all. Sadly, I did not get to do the local socializing in 2018 due to family health issues. 'Hoping to get to do this in 2019.

3. Learn how to machine-stitch more quilting designs, in addition to my usual meandering, cross-hatch, and loopy-loops. How about Baptist Fan, Matchstick, Circular, and Leaves? Gorgeous! Guess what- I actually did learn the walking foot for straight-line, cross-hatch, a…

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