Monday, April 22, 2024

Pantone® Color of the Year Challenge 2024

The Pantone® Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. My little pillow is entered in the Challenge at: Saroy's Pantone® Quilt Challenge 2024- link party. Be sure to go check out all of the awesome entries. There are several categories, including quilts, mini/wall quilts, and several others. It is always so much fun. Please keep reading for this pillow's stats and for comments. {I love reading your comments!}

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter 2024

Happy Easter! Today is also the last day of National Quilting Month. This is another doll from a Sanker Studios pattern. The title is B is for Bunny, and I have named mine Beatrice. She is approx. 23" from tip of her ears to toes, and wears a pink dress with white geometric print. My favorite part of her emsemble is her furry, muslin-lined bunny hood. Isn't it adorable? She was actually made a few years ago. Please continue reading for more, and for comments.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Project Quilting: 15.6: Irish Chain

Good morning friends! 'Time for the final Project Quilting Season 15 Challenge: Irish Chain. My little quilt is made mostly of fabric scraps, and green is my favorite color. For some reason, the Irish Chain pattern always seemed like one that would be super difficult to make. Surprisingly, it was not. So, this Challenge was truly important to me. It is always good to be able to learn a new quilt pattern, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Give It A Whirl Blog Hop

Welcome to the Give It A Whirl Blog Hop, hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. Today is the final day, and I hope you like my project. This is a free pattern from Carolina at Always Expect More, titled: Sewlebrity Quilt Block Tote. What I love is that you can choose any 12 1/2" sewn quilt block pattern for the front. In keeping with the whirl theme of the blog hop, I chose the: Martha Washington Star block from Tara Reed. The main bag is ink navy, with white-on-white hex print and solid grey accents. Can you see the kinda double pinwheel center design? One is ink navy and the other is solid grey. Please continue reading for a list of all of the blog hoppers.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Project Quilting 15.5: Wearables

For this Challenge, the projects must feature wearables- clothing apparel or accessories. Maybe an article of clothing repurposed into a quilt. Or an actual garment (clothing). When I began sewing, it was apparel and then costumes for the theatre stage {my BFA major in college}. As my grandchildren have gotten older, they prefer "store-bought" clothing, you know how that goes, lol.

Back to the Challenge. We can choose to make a quilt that is somehow representative of wearables. The project doesn't have to be a quilt though. My project is a little quilt that features Sunbonnet Sue and Suspender Sam. The patterns are from a book by Eleanor Burns {that I purchased many years ago} titled Sunbonnet Sue Visits Quilt in a Day®, ©1992. This little quilt is based upon Patricia Knoechel's wall quilt {on the book's inside back cover, titled Springtime}. Back in 2014-15, I made the full-size bed quilt for my granddaughter.

Sue and Sam are dressed in traditional Amish-inspired clothing colors. These characters just scream "wearables", don't they? Most of us instantly recognize those little dresses and bonnets, suspenders and hats. My little quilt measures approx. 9" X 11", and is machine quilted with walking foot echo stitching around each child. The children are both machine appliquéd. Project title is Amish Friends. This was my first time using a striped fabric for binding. 'Can see that more precision will be needed in the future with matching those stripes. Have you ever used it? Be sure to visit the party to see all of the creative wearables. Sending many thanks to the Project Quilting hosts for another fun and inspiring Challenge! Oh, and happy National Quilting Month everyone!

♥ Completed WIP/UFO quilts in 2024: 3 ♥

~Project Quilting Season 15.5 Link Party~

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Project Quilting 15.4 Challenge

Hello friends. Here is my creation for the Project Quilting 15.4 Challenge: hourglass. The creations do not have to be the actual hourglass block, but I chose to use it. Of course using green, my favorite color. This little spool wall decor quilt measures approx. 9.75" square, and is machine quilted with walking foot echo design. It was sewn RST together and then flipped, creating a "mock binding". There are two dowel pockets on the back top corners for hanging. Now I want to make more of these blocks to make a larger quilt. The title is Hourglass Spool. There are so many awesome projects, so be sure to visit and see them all. Project Quilting is always so much fun!

♥ Completed WIP/UFO quilts in 2024: 2 ♥

~Project Quilting Season 15.3 Link Party~

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Project Quilting 15.3 Challenge

Good morning. Here is my creation for Project Quilting 15.3 Challenge: Inside Out. The pillow cover features raw edge appliqué on the mushroom and the butterfly. The whole cover was turned inside out after sewing on the mushroom. Of course it includes my favorite color, green. I had downloaded the pattern some years ago, and the green striped fabric had been in my stash for like 15 years {in fact, there is still some of it left!}. This design and colors remind me of the 70's era in my teenage years. Pattern is from: Art Gallery Fabrics- Aura. My pillow measures approx. 17" SQ, and the background is machine quilted with a meandering pattern. The back has an envelope-style opening. Be sure to visit the party to see many awesome projects in this fun Challenge.

~Project Quilting Season 15.3 Link Party~