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19 December, 2012
My name is Danice (pronounced like "Janice" except with a "D"), and I love sewing, crafting and quilting. Before arthritis, I once did a lot of both activities. Although slowed-down, I still dabble a bit when able. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Design. My twin sister and her family live in a nearby town. I do live in the South of the US, and regard values such as family and friends at a high level of importance. Since discovering blogging in 2010, it has been a very enjoyable social outlet. Seeing people follow and enjoy my blogs is very rewarding. There are a lot of nice bloggers out there in blog land. I really enjoy reading your posts and often learning about sewing/crafting/quilting.

People have asked why this blog is named Homespun Hannah, not my own name. Once having had a primitive web store by that name, I named this blog to match that. After closing the web store, I was afraid that changing the name of this blog [that already had followers] might confuse people. Hannah is a Hebrew name, meaning favor; grace. She was the biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. The name sounded primitive to me. So, it was really a matter of preference.

There are many following options on the sidebar for my blogs: GFC, Bloglovin', and Linky Followers. RSS feed and subscribe by email are also available. Below the blog header, you will find links to the social networks and a contact form where you may connect with me. You are most welcome to comment, as long as the comments are family-friendly and sewing/crafting/quilting-related. A list of my other blogs can be found on this blog's page: My Blogs. Have a wonderful day, and please visit again soon.
Prim blessings ♥