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19 December, 2010 | updated: 25 July, 2019
My name is Danice (pronounced like "Janice" except with a "D"), and I love sewing, crafting and quilting. In July 2019, my twin sister Janice passed away. Although slowed-down bu arthritis, some sewing and quilting still happens. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Design. Living in the South of the US, there is a high regard for values such as family and friends. Since discovering blogging in 2010, it has been a very enjoyable social outlet. Seeing people follow and enjoy my blogs is very rewarding. There are a lot of nice bloggers out there in blog land. It is truly awesome reading your posts and learning about sewing/crafting/quilting.

People have asked why this blog is named Homespun Hannah, not my own name. Once having had a primitive web store by that name, this blog was named to match that. After closing the web store, I was afraid that changing the name of this blog [that already had followers] might confuse people. Hannah is a Hebrew name, meaning favor; grace. She was the biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. The name Hannah is reminiscent of times past, yet is still popular even today.

In January of 2018 we got a new theme (template). In the screenshot above, notice at the top left of the screen is a square black icon made of three horizontal lines (circled in lime green on the screenshot). This is called a hamburger menu. Selecting it will open this blog's left sidebar, where there are several following options, Profile page, Blog List, and some links to other sewing blogs.

There are many following options on the sidebar for my blogs: GFC and Bloglovin'. RSS feed and subscribe by email are also available. Below the blog header, you will find links to the social networks and a contact form where you may connect with me. You are most welcome to comment, as long as the comments are family-friendly and sewing/crafting/quilting-related. A list of my other blogs can be found on this blog's page: My Blogs. Have a wonderful day, and please visit again soon.
Prim blessings ♥