12 July, 2021

#Mid Year Check-In 2021

So glad to join-in on this year's #Mid-Year Check-In, hosted by Yvonne of Quilting JETGirl. Lately, I have been a bit under the weather after breaking some toes, ouch! Feeling better now, and ready to share my progress to date.

1. WIPs/UFOs: So far,5 quilts completed this year. 'Not as many as planned, but back to work on that again now.

2. One of the completed quilts is the yearly Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge project. That one was gifted to my local church back in late May. This is an event that I am always proud to help with.

Not too impressive of a list, is it? Thankfully, there is still some time remaining in 2021 to get busy and quilt some more. It is always so fun to read about everyone's progress and to see all of their awesome projects. Be sure to visit the Mid Year Check-In Link Party. The post image above leads directly to that post. Blessings to you all.


  1. Congrats on your first half finishes and good luck with the second half of the year!

  2. Five finishes sounds like a lot to me. So be kind to yourself ;) and good luck with the second half! xo Melanie

  3. I think that having five finishes sounds pretty great. I'm glad your toes are healed and you are ready to do more. Have a great rest of the year!

  4. Five completed projects is doing pretty well (I've only got 2 finished). Sounds like you've had a painful few weeks, hopefully the healing is going well and you can get back to the sewing room to make some head way on a few finishes. For some reason it seems the second half of the year goes faster than the first.

  5. Thank you all so much. I am feeling better, and working on a blog hop project. 'Hope you are all staying safe and cool in this humid weather.