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Sadly, I have had to change my Comments form to approving each comment before it will be published. I know this is a pain to you good bloggers who want to comment, but due to many spammy and unrelated comments with embedded links to their unrelated and non-family friendly content, I have had to make this decision. Friends, please do not think this refers to you. The ones who have made these comments know who they are, and they are blocked from all of my blogs.

People who do such things are beyond hideous. Blogging is supposed to be for fun, and friendly. My blogs are all family-friendly, as all of yours are. Adding an unrelated link to someone's blog just to get free advertising is not only unfriendly but unethical business practice. What do any of my blogs have to do with heating and a/c furnaces? Engineered furniture? Dating? Answer: not a single thing. These people do not even do the courtesy of being a follower. But, who wants them anyway? I would refer such people to the Privacy Policy that has been on all of my blogs since day one when each was opened. This clearly states the rules and regulations for each blog. Homespun Hannah's can be found here: Privacy Policy. The last paragraph specifically deals with blog comments. I so appreciate that Blogger has opened spam filtering to try to catch some of these people's comments. The nerve of some people...

Thank you all for being good moral people. The few who practice such unethical deeds know very well who they are. They will not gain any advertising through any of my blogs. I will check every day to see my comments on every blog, and approve all of you good bloggers. Only those who are trying to abuse the comment form will not be approved.


  1. It's a shame what some people do that can in some cases spoil things for others. I had the same thing happen to me the first week I started my blog. I almost fainted at the comment. It was spam and I got rid of it and then learned about comment moderation. Most everybody uses it, Google strongly encourages the use of it for our own sakes.
    I hope you are having a blessed Christmas.

  2. It's frustrating, isn't it Danice? I just don't know how some people sleep at night...

    I have gone back and forth on the approval issue for my own blog. I'm back to approving every comment now, mostly because I get an email with the commenter's email address with each comment, which allows me to respond to the commenter via email. I love to respond to each comment as often as I can, especially when someone has left an especially special note.

    I did turn off my "captcha", though, the visual verification with each comment. I find that so annoying with other peoples' blogs that I turned it off on my own. It's so frustrating to wait to bring up a comment form, write your comment, press send, then wait for the captcha to give you your "word" to input. I have a slow Internet connection here and the wait was really long...

    Anyway, hope you're having a very Merry Christmas!



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