05 July, 2012

♥ So many birthdays ♥

Yes, as Diane commented on another post, my family sure has had many birthdays lately. In addition to Amanda's (my daughter's) on the 29th June, my grandson Kevin turned 18 on 18th June, and my granddaughter Macey (pictured above) turned 1 on 21st June. On 09th May, my son-in-law Jamie had a birthday, as well as my Mother on 21st May! So, May and June truly are busy months around here, ha ha!


  1. Hi Danice,
    We have a lot of May b'days, so I know what you mean! Nice family pic!
    Hope you're doing ok w/the heat~we were w/out power for a few days and we are very thankful it's back on!!
    Happy b'day to everyone! LOL



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