How to not get cut?

OK, so I need some advice. I just cut the b-doodle out of my hand trying to clean out a metal beans can. The idea was to clean it and decorate it prim style, but that obviously didn't work out as was planned. How do you all keep the edges of a metal can from being sharp? Does it need filing down or something? It is one of those cans that has a tab-pull off top like in the photo above. One thing for sure: I will think twice before pawing in another metal can,lol!
Image: sideshowmom|Morguefile


  1. Hi, years ago my dad bought me a can opener that was battery operated and hands free, you just put it on top of the can and press and it does all of the work, makes a perfect cut, no sharp edges. He bought it at Wal-mart, not sure if they still sell them, but they work great. Works on all sizes.

  2. Hope you are ok!
    Be blessed,

  3. I've always had to be careful and not put my hands in can any more than possible for that very reason..I just rinse them out real good and if you have to, take a hand held scrubber thing to it! Be careful! Hugs, Laura


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