~Why optimize images?~

Why optimize web images? There are several reasons. One is because larger size bytes take longer to load in the browser. We don't want people to leave our blog/site because it takes too long to load. Optimizing solves that problem by compressing images into smaller bytes. Here is a great method for getting the best images: First, use a system such as Picasa to edit the image. Selecting "auto color" or "auto contrast" can make the image brighter. Selecting "sharpen" will also help. Do this editing before optimizing, or the image may end up blurry. One great free and quick optimizer is here: Dynamic Drive. Their site also has an easy favicon generator. (That's the image in the browser. This blog's is a little sewing machine). The above photo is a comparison of two jumpers that I designed and made while an undergrad: one view is optimized and the other is not. 'See how much clearer and brighter the optimized images on the right side are?