Shelf sitters: what's in the bottom?

Good afternoon, friends. A question: The shelf sitters, what is in the bottom to make them weighted-down? I have heard sacks of dried beans or rice? Also, are shelf sitters difficult to make? They are so prim and cute, I may attempt to make one for my mother.
Image: Denise at: The Krazy Kraft Lady


  1. If I make something I want to sit upright I use white rice that I got cheap...For things that need extra weight and won't topple over..haven't made an official shelf sitter per say though.... Laura

  2. Hey Danice! I've wondered that myself, I figured rice or beans. I love them too - I'd love to have one just like the one you just "drew".

  3. I like the white rice, too! And the shelf sitters are so much fun!

  4. Thank you, JoAnn, but Denise from The Krazy Kraft Lady blog drew that shelf sitter image. The link to her blog is at the end of the post, where it says, "Image:" ♥

  5. Hi, Danice. I use fine grain kitty litter. I've even used lead shot for
    a roly poly teddy bear.

  6. I like to use sand. But I've also used kitty litter.
    Shelf sitters are fun to make.


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