Learning the smartphone...

It's a new adventure for me now, learning the smartphone. It was time to get a new phone, as mine was really old. Changing carriers got me a better and lower rate, plus texting and internet, which I did not have before on my cell phone. No new number, as my number was transferred in about 10 minutes. This is the Huawei 8800 model. Since this smartphone will be on the internet occasionally, I immediately installed McAfee Mobile Security. McAfee does an excellent job of protecting my laptop, so it should do the same for my smartphone. Quite a learning curve, lol! Learning all the lingo and such, like a new word "android". The definition is a robot that looks like a human. The wallpaper was free and is my favorite color: green. How cool is this! Do you all like, have or want a smartphone?


  1. Wow!!! good for you....I still have problems with the laptop and I-Pad.....Francine.

  2. Hi Danice,
    Good for you on getting a new phone! I do have a new phone but it's not a smart one. I just have a regular one that does texting. That's all I really want. All that tech stuff just confuses me LOL!! I guess I'm still in the dark ages.
    Have a great night!!


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