~Old Pyrex bowls~

Recently, I read Christina of Pendleton Primitives' post about the old Pyrex bowls that she found. Hers are so pretty, that it reminded me of my mother having a lot of these. Mother says this is what happens when you are, "nearly a hundred years old", lol! You find that you have collected quite a few items over the years, don't you? The photo above shows seven of her old Pyrex bowls with glass lids, and two Corning bowls with glass lids. Check out the retro colors and floral designs, some with chickens and little farmers. Aren't they cute? They date from the 1950's through the 1970's. She actually has many more. Mother also has some very old cast iron skillets that she still cooks cornbread in. Thanks, Christina for the inspiration. Do you all have any old Pyrex cooking items?


  1. Hi Danice,
    I have a set of bowls like Christina showed but mine are a deep Red...clear bottoms.
    I also have a few of the Pyrex like your mother...I use these over the other type for baking.
    Nice post Danice.

  2. Hi Danice,I don't have any of the Pyrex bowls but I know that momma has a few.Thanks for bringing back a few memories.Hugs,Jen

  3. I do-I do! I have so many that I couldn't say how many! LOL
    I love Pyrex--not the Corning so much. I also collect Gay Fad--clear mostly but I do have a few pieces of frosted and the yellow and green. If it's old, I love it!

  4. Hi, Danice. How are you feeling? I hope you have healed.
    I actually have the teal 3 bowl nested set and two white and blue casseroles with lids. It's so neat that we have some of the same pieces that belonged to our mothers!

  5. Oh I love the Pyrex! It looks like I have four of your same designs and I'm so glad your mother held onto them. My mother sold all of my grandmothers dishes after she passed, said the Pyrex is brittle and not proper oven ware. Matters not to me, they are just so lovely and I'll always remember Sunday brunches at grandmas, fruit salad in a vintage Purex dish :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi Danice,
    I remember my mom had the white with blue flowers on them but not sure if she still does. My Grandma has some of the colored ones but I am sure they got sold at her suction.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  7. I have one just like the white ones with blue flowers in your post. It was my Mom's. I've had it for at least 25 years and she had it for many years before that. I'm thinking late 60's early 70's.

  8. Hey Danice, yes I have a few really old ones, My MIL gave me a set of the red / orange mixing bowls with the wheat on them, and I broke all but the littlest one :-( but I have a couple that my Mother had, plus I have her white Fire King platter.


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