Thrifty Thursday and Menu

Happy Thrifty Thursday, friends. The snowman above was found at a local store after Christmas for a mere $7.00. Although he likely has some modern synthetic fabrics, he was still a great buy and is very cute. 'Love the reindeer appliqued on his sweater.
Now for a Menu. As you all know, due to a recent injury I have been relegated to eating very soft foods. Mother and I were talking the other day about what I want to eat once the teeth are all secure and strong again. So, here goes my planned Menu:
1. A big ole thick cheeseburger with plenty of lettuce, mustard, and ketchup. A side of French fries. Not very healthy (lol) yet very tasty!
2. A loaded deli sandwich with lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, cheese, and turkey on wheat bread.
3. Some of mother's cornbread with a fried pork chop and some cream-style corn. We do use canola oil.
4. A pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, on a thick pan crust, with some cheese sticks.
5. Some good ole deer, rabbit, or quail with homemade dumplings and gravy. Gained from legal hunting times/rules, of course.
6. Homemade meatloaf, with vegetables and a large salad. A dish that I can actually prepare, lol!
7. Broccoli casserole with vegetables and a big ole salad.
Perhaps all of the items above aren't exactly healthy foods, but they are what I do want. This gelatin, pudding, noodles and mashed potatoes diet is great but kinda limiting. Every so often, a protein shake is tasty and helps to keep protein in my body, as I have lost a few pounds. Do you all like Southern cooking?


  1. Hi Danice,
    I love your sweet snowman...he is so cute! Wow, your menu sure is making me hungry, it all sounds so good, and I love southern cooking. When I was alot younger, I used to love my Aunt from Georgia coming up, as she would take over the kitchen. What delicious food she served! Have a wonderful evening. Hugs,

  2. Evening, hope your feeling better.....sweet snowman, love him......mmmmm, made me hungry, Blessings Francine.

  3. Your first choice is my favorite meal! I love a good cheeseburger and we grill our own at home. I've discovered Sweet potato fries...better put those on your list. You could probably eat a broccoli quiche and I wish you were next door tonight...I made potato soup (potatoes cooked in chicken broth, milk and cheddar cheese added at the end of cooking). It's mushy and good! I sure hope you heal up soon, my friend! Love your little snowman friend!

  4. An adorable snowman. What a good find.

  5. What? No country fried steak with sausage gravy? One of my fave comfort foods!
    Your 'menu' sounds yummy! And love the snowman, what a deal!


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