Good morning friends. This is something we all should read and know. The intent is not to "slam" anyone's formula for rusting prim items, but to warn us all about the dangers of mixing bleach with vinegar or other products. We all do love the rusty prim look, but the dangers can outweigh the joys. Rusting, or oxidation, occurs in metals naturally over time. None of us likes to wait, lol! Mixing these ingredients causes a chemical reaction that produces a harmful gas known as chlorine or mustard gas. This damages our eyes, lungs, and other bodily membranes. The effects may not be visible for a long time or may appear quickly. In the worse possible scenario, death can occur from mixing these ingredients. Bleach should never be mixed with vinegar, peroxide, or any other product.

Honestly, some of us will likely occasionally use a bleach+vinegar recipe. If that is the decision, we should be very careful. Even if we mix the concoction outdoors, what about animals and plant life? We should try to work in a plant-free area and keep other people and animals away from the area. For goodness' sake, we should not light a cigarette in that area or work near any other source of fire such as gas lines. The following are some blogs that offer recipes for alternative safer rusting: Ahl Cooped Up, The Primitive Pantry, and Old Road Primitives. Let's all try to be safe while working on our beautiful prim items. Let's be safe and careful so we can live and be healthy to show-off our creations.
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  1. Thanks for the update! Good to know! Laura R.

  2. I love the rusted look but I would never do it this way either. I'll check out the safer alternatives. Thanks for sharing this!


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