Spare Buttons Box DIY

Good morning, prim friends. Above is a little DIY craft that is my own idea. Every time I sew an outfit for my granddaughter Macey, it includes spare buttons. How many times have we placed buttons somewhere and thought we could easily find them later? Especially if a person does not sew, and has no place to keep notions and such, this can happen. So, why not have a storage box that is pretty enough to be displayed out in the open where it can easily be located? Since my daughter does not sew, one box contains needles and thread. The boxes are paper mache, found at most craft stores for like $1.00 each, and are covered with fabric and ribbons, and a few buttons. A glue stick and a few dabs of liquid glue secures it all. Just "wrap" the box and lid like wrapping gift boxes. The brown letters are stickers, found at many craft stores or even a dollar store, which is where these were found. When finished, lightly spray the box and lid separately with a clear acrylic matte coating and let dry completely. Allow at least one hour. If any of you make one, I'd love to see your creation. Prim blessings.

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  1. Hi Danice,
    What a great idea!
    And it looks so cute too.

  2. This is a sweet little box. I just throw mine in an old coffee container ;-)

  3. Great idea and cute box! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment :) Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  4. Darnice, I love your little box, what a great idea, your granddaughter will cherish this one day. hugs, Lecia


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