16 January, 2014

~Thrifty Thursday...boxes!~

Good morning friends. Happy Thrifty Thursday to you all. Above are several holidays-themed boxes that were found at a dollar store, on clearance three days after Christmas 2013. One of my loves, yes, 'gotta have some decorated boxes! They were from $1.00 to $2.00 each, and one is even my favorite color: green. The ones with the ribbon bow are kinda my favorite, as far as style goes. The green one with the holidays wording is the favorite for color-wise. Do you bargain-hunt at dollar stores or collect any boxes?


  1. You did great I love all your boxes!

  2. I have several small boxes that I store smaller decorations in and some for craft supplies. They really come in handy. You got a super deal on these! Hugs

  3. Love your boxes Danice.
    I collect mailing boxes--yours are so much nicer!
    Enjoy your weekend,


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