Ruffled leg jeans

Pictured above are some jeans that I have cut off and added fancy ruffles to. This makes little girls' jeans even cuter. Plus, the ruffle fabric can be that same fabric as you've used to make her a dress or blouse. The 100% cotton fabric here is on an off-white background with a large floral print in teal, olive, orange, black and magenta. It is actually the very same fabric used to make the: Central Park Swing Coat. The jeans can be cut off to a capri length, or ankle length. The choice is yours. The jeans pictured above are the flare leg fit; they tend to work well for adding ruffles. These jeans are a size 4, ankle length. Each ruffle was cut at 6"X30". Then, simply sew the two shorter ends of each ruffle right sides together. Next, sew a narrow hem around the longer edge of each ruffle. Right sides together, pin each ruffle to each jeans leg with the edges even. Make sure that the ruffle's seam is aligned with the jeans' inside leg seam. Gather and stitch close to the edge, through the jeans and each ruffle. Due to the thickness, use a larger needle such as a number 14 or 16. If you do not have a serger, zig-zag or edge stitch each finished leg. Finis! Yay! That adorable little girl now has some fancy ruffled jeans!