Alabama is closed!

Hello friends. Yes, most all of north Alabama is closed due to an ice storm. I made the photo above just before sunset. Look closely near the lower left side, and you'll see the setting sun. There are already a reported 11 auto wrecks in our own county, and more than triple that many in the adjoining counties. Nearly all roads are now closed or slow-moving. Lines of wrecked and/or abandoned cars string across most of our highways. Please pray for those involved in a semi trailer/passenger car accident near Priceville. That sounds like a terribly awful collision. Police are advising people to please stay off of the roads. Most schools and businesses were closed today. My own little pickup truck is actually stuck at the foot of our driveway currently. 'Had tried to make a quick store-run for mother and myself earlier this afternoon... Oh, the photo above was made with the new Nikon camera that Santa brought me. 'Never thought that I'd get to own a Nikon, lol. You all please stay safe and warm. Prim winter blessings to everyone.


  1. Its crazy all the weather everyone is getting. Sunny as always out here in Arizona.

  2. i am in N. West Ga and the temps are over freezing now that goodness

  3. Hope you are staying warm and cozy. Here in Alberta, I'm hoping we don't get a second winter. We have had a wonderful winter. Fingers crossed spring is just around the corner

  4. Ug! Stay safe and warm!!! Loved your post title btw, LOL!



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