Dress A Girl: helping others

Good morning friends. Have you all ever heard of Dress A Girl Around The World? While on the internet, I came across this worthy charity's website. They send dresses to girls in need all across the world. Their mission is that every girl can own a brand new, modest, well-sewn dress all for herself. How sweet is that? So, I contacted the ambassador nearest to me and read over all of the sewing guidelines. Please visit their website and consider helping them out. We are not employed by the organization, nor do we receive any financial profit from participating. The reward is worth far more than money: knowing that girls have been helped. The image link is on the left sidebar. Pictured above are mother and myself holding the first two dress we've made. 'Want to see these dresses close-up? Follow the link below my signature.
Here is a close-up of those two dresses, plus another dress. The pink floral is a size 1/2 baby, the teal & grey print is a size 4, and the green batik is a size 6. They are sewn of fabrics from my stash. Mother and I are finding so much pleasure in helping out this worthy charity. We smile when we think of a girl wearing her very own brand new dress. Prim sewing blessings.


  1. This sounds just like something you would do my friend. Spreading joy and love with your sewing. You are your mother look beautiful in the photo. Enjoy your week and God bless you. Hugs, Diane

  2. Good for you and your mom making dresses for little girls around the world! This project is such a worthy cause. My mom has made hundreds. For the past few years she has been making pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa and Nicaragua. She once received a photo of the girls in the dresses my mom made. What happy smiles they wore with them!


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