Prayer dolls

Have you ever heard of Prayer dolls? I found out about them from Dress A Girl Around The World, a charity that provides dresses for needy girls. Some ladies include a Prayer doll in the pockets of the dresses they send. They are really minimal and simple to make. Inside the doll's head, you place a prayer written on a scrap piece of paper or fabric. Even though the girl will never actually see the prayer, the idea is that the well-wishes are there. Mother and I sew dresses for this charity when possible, and thought these dolls would also be nice to send. Although neither of us is employed by nor receives any financial benefit from helping this charity, we so enjoy helping them. Yes, the reward is being happy to help the needy. To see three more of these dolls, follow the link below my signature.
Pictured above are three more Prayer dolls. All are made of remnant fabrics from my stash. They are around 6"tall, and their arms and legs are wrapped with yarn. They are kinda cute, in their own way, aren't they? Have you ever heard of Prayer dolls?


  1. They are beautiful my friend. Do you use your own pattern? I got my pretty postcard! I'm so glad we're penpals! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. Thank you Diane. The instructions for the Prayer dolls are on this web page from Dress A Girl Around The World:

    So glad that you received & like the postcard also :)

  3. I check this link my friend. Thanks!


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