Treasures from Grandma Pearl

Hello everyone. 'Hope you are all doing well. Today is all about family. It is mother's birthday, and my twin sister and I have festivities planned especially for her. Speaking of family, pictured above are two treasures from my daddy's mother. She passed away in the early 1950's, and my mother had these items in her own jewelry box. My mother had the pleasure of knowing Grandma Pearl, who was an excellent seamstress and quilter. Daddy's family was from the rural northeast Mississippi area, and quite poor. Daddy had nearly a dozen siblings on the farm. Mother's family was from Mississippi as well, but they were "city-dwellers", lol.

The pin appears to be made of silver, but has no markings. It is also quite heavy weight. The stones may be genuine? 'Do not know. The pack of German-made Dix and Rands High Grade 3/9 sharps contains 7 needles that are in quite good condition. Mother decided to give these to me as a momento of Grandma Pearl. There was a matching silver pin, identical to the one pictured above, that mother gave to my twin sister. It is so special to have something that Grandma Pearl actually owned. Don't you just love items like these?


  1. Treasure it always it's very special !

  2. Oh my goodness! I had a pin very similar when I was a girl. It had rhinestones in it and was also quite heavy. You brought back memories. Thanks. Enjoy your moms birthday. Hugs, LJ

  3. What treasures to have! I grew up in northwest Mississippi in Senatobia.


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