old Mason© jars

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday find. These Mason© jars were actually in a cardboard box on the floor at a local thrift store. They were only .50¢ each, so I got them all except one (it had a small crack in it). They will be used for crafting, and two have already been used, lol. 'Already posted about them. Since long ago all we had in our basement and under our kitchen sink had been found, these were a happy find. Have you found any great items lately?


  1. Nice find. And I did have a good find today, small world isn't it? I went to a thrift store and scored three new to me summer tops, two farm themed mugs for a friend and a pair of tongs that are exactly like my old favorites that managed to go missing somehow in the last move. All for the cost of $8.25. Love thrift stores!

  2. I love those big jars. I still use them for all kinds of things. I went to a craft show yesterday and bought a crochet pink elephant...does that count? heehee! Hugs!

  3. Hey girl! Long time no see. Thanks for finding me! I'm glad to be back to blogging, have missed it SO much!!

    I am constantly buying jars at garage sale. Now I have a 8 cubby organizer that is overflowing. Haha! Plus I wash out the spaghetti and pizza sauce jars. But I use them all the time. In my own home and also for my booth when I'm selling stuff.

    Anyway, nice to catch back up with you. Looking forward to following you again!!

  4. Those old jars seem to be getting harder and harder to actually find. Thrifting is so much fun, and a great way to find some older items at a low cost.


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