16 July, 2020

#2020PlanningParty: mid year check-in

2020 Mid Year Check In
Here we are, over halfway through 2020. Can you even believe it? This year has and still is one for the record. Albeit with slow progress, I am meeting some of my 2020 goals. Here they are:

1. Finish those WIPs and UFOs: so far, eight quilts completed. Stay tuned, as another is nearly completed and will be posted soon.

2. Due to COVID-19, 'have not ventured-out to meet more local quilters. I have read some about local quilting groups, though.

3. Sewing charity quilt blocks, none yet, but have sewn over twenty face masks for other people. Earlier this year, I did participate in the annual Hands 2 Help Comfort Quilt Challenge, and made one quilt for that event.

4. Meeting new blogging quilters, I have found some and follow their posts now. There are actually more out there than some people may think. Quilting is definitely not a dying art! As for visiting your blogs more often, I have been doing that as well. It really cheers me up.

5. Working on paper piecing skills, well, a little bit. My record LP pillow cover is paper pieced.

6. Learning new quilting designs: not yet. 'Still planning to, though.

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  1. Eight, almost nine WIPs and UFOs complete? That is excellent, congratulations! It sounds that overall you are having a very productive year and being flexible with the changes that 2020 is offering to us. Be well!

  2. If I tried to make goals I would probably still not get them done, LOL Good on you for being able to do it! Janice

  3. I am glad you are enjoying your blog visits and finding new quilters. It is fun to be out there in this way.

  4. Thanks you all. Some of the quilts are small, but they did get completed. Hoping that the remainder of 2020 brings more accomplishments.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the WIPs and UFOs! That's wonderful. How nice you were able to find other ways to progress on some of your other goals.

  6. 8 finished quilts is impressive!! Now that more quilt guilds are going online, there may be new possibilities to connect with quilters near and far!!